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Songs of Comfort is the name of the new best of album of John Hänni with three new songs and his all-time favourites of the last 25 years.

In all this time, John always heard about people, that treasured his music in difficult situations, such as before an important operation, during painful circumstances, or in the last hours of life.

And also as a couple, Monika and John went through some hard times, as Monika lost a child during her pregnancy. Out of this depression, the song „Grief“ was written by John.

Further he dedicates the song „Travelling On My Own“ to all the lonely, suffering and forgotten people in this world.

„Your Love“ tells about the divine love, that makes a new beginning possible and enables us to love others. So John’s music also wants to spread the joy of life and hope.

The song „Faster, Bigger, Louder Higher“ is the first new song of this best of album and was written in New York. In a big city like this, most people are stressed out and their only aim is to increase their income and wealth. The huge advertisements at the Time Square are constant reminders of this sad condition. Only few have time for the homless and poor. John wrote this text in a hotel room, where he observed the short-lived city. His words were almost prophetic, as a hurricane called „Sandy“ reached New York only ten days later. The booming Manhattan instantly became a ghost town flooded by water.

„Comfort“ ist the name of the second new song and sets the question „what are we searching?“ to music.

And lastly, the third new song is called „Your Grace“ and is about the greatest of all love: the one who gives his life for his friends – the very centre of the good news!


Be blessed and thank you for listening!

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."

Psalm 34,18


John Hänni music: 25 years anniversary

The most-loved, the best and the newest songs are now available!

Travelling On My Own

With over 100.000 views on YouTube, John dedicates the song „Travelling On My Own“ to all the lonely, suffering and forgotten people in this world.

John's best of album: Songs of Comfort

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